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Veterinary medicine is your passion, veterinary business and people are ours.

30 Years Experience

VetShield is a veterinary practice consulting and implementation firm. We specialize in improving the business and human resources aspects of veterinary practices.

Our services include providing analysis and implementation to optimize business operations. We also offer Owner-Operator-Partnerships in areas where we have identified demands for a new practice. Leveraging our 30 years of experience in veterinary practice and business operations, we understand the challenges you face. We possess the necessary knowledge to address these issues efficiently and effectively.

As the industry evolves with competitors growing in size, number, and power, the need for business operations support for private practice veterinarians intensifies. In response, we offer strategic business operations consulting engagements. These can be short or long-term, tailored to meet the needs and objectives of veterinary practice owners.

Our mission is to equip practice owner veterinarians with a strategic edge, tactical insight, and peace of mind. VetShield enables veterinarians to focus on their priorities, such as delivering quality care. Meanwhile, we utilize our expertise to manage and optimize your team and business.

Our Services

Leadership & Operations Management

Central to every thriving clinic is its leadership. VetShield’s Leadership and Operations Management services are designed to strengthen this core. We assist in forging robust leadership and management channels, refining communication, and developing structured processes that uplift every aspect of your clinic’s operations.

Human Resources & Recruitment

Elevate your veterinary clinic with VetShield’s comprehensive Human Resources services. We specialize in fostering a positive organizational culture,  and managing recruitment and ongoing education. VetShield will cultivate a high-performing team that propels your practice forward.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Navigate your business’s financial landscape with ease using our specialized bookkeeping and payroll services. We ensure precise financial tracking and effective payroll management, keeping your operations smooth and well-guided throughout the year.

Digital Marketing

VetShield skillfully harnesses the power of digital marketing (Google Ads, Website design, SEO), along with traditional marketing methods, seamlessly integrating them with innovative digital marketing strategies and online optimization. We craft a well-rounded approach that captures and engages your target audience effectively.


We believe we can identify and implement the necessary changes to improve your veterinary practice. But don’t just take our word for it, take our clients.

Dr. Kent Morley & Dr. Lia Morley
Veterinary Practice Owners
Dr. Jeffrey Person
Veterinary Practice Owner
Team Lead
Cathryn Person
Veterinary Practice Owner

About Us

At the heart of VetShield, we are a dedicated team of business professionals with a singular focus: empowering privately-owned veterinary practices. Our passion for business resonates in every endeavor as we craft solutions tailored to the unique needs of your practice.

When we collaborate with you, your practice receives the same meticulous attention and care we would give our own. We take pride in helping your practice achieve its goals. 

Our Values

  • Transparent Communication
  • Efficiency and Excellence
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Growth and Sustainability
  • Work-life Balance

Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

We’re here to help.

Your Goals, Our Priority.

Partnering with VetShield means you’re never navigating the complexities of business alone. Our team of experts is committed to fostering the advancement of not only your practice but your entire team. If you’re seeking a trusted ally to elevate your veterinary practice, VetShield stands ready to propel your vision into reality.


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