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Veterinary medicine is chaotic these days. From issues with staffing, plans for expansion or creating an exit strategy, there are many factors that can be overwhelming and prevent you from focusing on the job of being a veterinarian. Jacob and his team at Vetshield were instrumental in

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Dr. Kent Morley & Dr. Lia Morley
Veterinary Practice Owners

"During a crisis, I reached out to VetShield for help. Hiring Dustin and Jacob was the best decision I have made for my veterinary practice, for me, and for my family. VetShield immediately set out to understand my goals and aspirations and the strengths and weaknesses of my staff.

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Dr. Jeffrey Person
Veterinary Practice Owner

"I am so pleased to have been given the opportunity to work closely with VetShield. They have guided me as a leader and have shown me what it takes to step up to the plate being the forefront of a clinic. I appreciate the mentorship

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Team Lead

"We are so grateful for the support, insights and combined experience of this dynamic team through transitions and pandemic related changes to practice. They demonstrated a thoughtful approach to building the right team, assessing practice needs, creating plans and putting these plans in action. With

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Cathryn Person
Veterinary Practice Owner

"Having VetShield here to take care of the business aspects has made it feasible to deliver Gold Standard care. They have guided us in hiring the most qualified staff, providing the strongest team to fulfill our daily duties. VetShield works closely with us individually and as a

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