Peak Veterinary Hospital

Our First Owner-Operator Partnership

Peak Veterinary Hospital is a full-service practice in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Our model is simple; VetShield manages the veterinary business, our vet partners manage the veterinary medicine, all with shared ownership.

Location: Pincher Creek, Alberta



Peak Veterinary Hospital

As our inaugural Owner-Operator Partnership, Peak Veterinary Hospital sets the benchmark for the quality of care we aim to deliver across all our future practices. We offer an extensive array of services to meet the diverse needs of both patients and clients. Our offerings span from health and wellness exams, preventive medicine, and vaccinations to more specialized services like spay and neuter procedures, grooming, surgery, digital radiology, dentistry, in-clinic laboratory tests, therapeutic laser treatments, nutrition counseling, urgent care, and end-of-life care. While our focus is on the companion animal industry, our reach and impact are continually expanding.

In pioneering our Owner-Operator Partnership model, Peak Veterinary Hospital is at the forefront of combining cutting-edge technology and services with personalized, owner-operated care. Our core objectives are clear: provide unparalleled medical attention to our patients and treat our clients with fairness and respect. Exceptional customer service, friendliness, and professionalism stand as the pillars of our innovative practice.

Locally Owned

Peak Veterinary Hospital is co-owned and operated by Dr. Kari Grandoni and Dr. Teri White, in partnership with VetShield. This collaborative ownership structure allows Drs. Grandoni and White to concentrate on medical excellence, while VetShield takes on the business operations.

Mission Statement

“Committed to practicing the highest quality of medicine, delivered with compassion, care, and a deep understanding and respect for the human-animal bond. “

Meet The Owners

Dr. Kari Grandoni, DVM

Dr. Grandoni’s love of caffeine-fueled her transition from school into 15 years of emergency medicine. She meets the fast-paced environment head-on with her strong team-focused approach and continues to drive her passion with ongoing education to deliver quality patient care and up-to-date medicine.  With “the kids” forcing relocation closer to Castle Mountain to train and compete in Alpine racing, Dr. Grandoni embraced the opportunity to shift her career focus towards primary care. Preventative health, exploring palliative care options, and aiding ageing pets with osteoarthritis to remain active and mobile are strong areas of interest that allow Dr. Grandoni to deliver opportunities to clients and their pets.

Dr. Teri White, DVM

Dr. Teri White has been in the veterinary industry for over a decade. She initially was a veterinary technician before returning to school to gain her doctorate in veterinary medicine. Dr. White spent the last few years in emergency medicine, but most of her experience lies in small animal primary care. Dr. White regularly attends professional conferences or online learning opportunities to continue to provide exceptional care to her patients. Her professional interests include emergency medicine, primary care, soft tissue and dental surgery. She is excited to begin this new venture of launching a privately owned pet hospital with Dr. Grandoni and the team at VetShield. 

The Clinic

Building Peak

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